Quinn’s Artisanal Syrups & Old Fashioned Soda Parlor

The Quinn name is more than familiar to the Indonesian ear. Everyone knows Farah Quinn as Indonesia’s first sexy celebrity chef but only a handful are aware that her last name was inherited from her ex husband. Carson Quinn has been a mixologist for over three decades now and could perfectly fix you just about any cocktail known to man.

I teamed up with him a few years back and decided we would try and revive the whole Soda Parlor idea from “back in the days” if you are not familiar with the concept pickup and flip through any edition of an Archie comic as Pop’s Dinner is not only Riverdale’s favorite hangout spot but also super famous for it’s sodas.

Carson hand made all the syrups from only the finest natural ingredients available to us, and all we had to do after is add soda water and a few toppings such as rock sugar, cream or rose petals (I know right).

Behold our badass menu!

The Spicy Habanero Mojito was by far our best seller, a girl came back 5 times during the same day just to get more of it! The magic syrup we used here was made from Cabe Rawit, super refreshing with a little extra kick!

The Vanilla Bean with Young Coconut Cream was the favourite for anyone looking for a sweet drink. Made from real vanilla sticks, you could see the tiny grounded brown specks floating around in your delicious soda as you sipped the silky creamy coconut flavoured liquid down your throat.

This one caught the attention of all the ladies! Refreshing cucumber, sweet rock sugar and rose petals floating around in your drink. Twas a beauty to look at and an absolute pleasure to drink during a hot day.

If your crazy about green tea then this one is for you! The Shiso (sometimes called the Japanese Basil) really made this one and exotic selection.

Last but not least, our ginger beer also kept up pretty well with its unique Chinese 5 spice flavour, making it a one of a kind ginger beer you will probably never find or taste anywhere…ever.

Habanero, Ginger Beer, Vanilla Coconut, Matcha Shiso and Rose Petal Cucumber

We sold out pretty fast!